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How I came up with the idea of chasing 10 Baggers

About twenty years ago, I read Peter Lynch’s classic One Up on Wall Street and learned about the concept of ten-baggers, that is, stocks that go up by at least ten-fold.

The book is lovely and highly recommended; however, Lynch’s strategy was “diversified” in terms of plays, or opportunities… there were value, dividend, cyclical, turnaround, asset, and growth plays. Many of these plays were for relatively small moves, like 30 or 40% (that is, 0.3 or 0.4 bags), and of course, many of them failed.

It was only recently when I read the book 100 Baggers and the classic that inspires it, 100 to 1 in the Stock Market, that I’ve decided to devote most of my research and investing resources to these significant long-term opportunities.

I’ve set my professional mission in life to find these outstanding investment opportunities, deeply explain and share them with interested investors, like you.

I’ve constructed a study of 3,000 stocks (the Russell 3000 components), going back forty years, and found out there were 1,186
ten-baggers or more, 349 one-hundred-baggers or more and 39 one- thousand-baggers, that is, stocks that went up in price by 1,000 times.
It doesn’t seem challenging to find and ride at least some ten-baggers, right? Well, there are some psychological barriers to this investment style; one needs conviction and patience, and that must come from profound research and a solid long-term vision of the future for each pick.

A vision you can understand and believe.

You can’t do it with screeners, ratio, or technical analysis. Wall Street analysts can’t help you either, because their vision only goes as far as the next quarter, or 12 months at best. They can hardly predict a 1/5 of a bag move, let alone a ten-bagger.

It would be best if you also had support along the way, someone to interpret the news, the financial results, to answer your questions and doubts so that you don’t get thrown out at an early stage of the advance.

Therefore, I’ve created 10 Bagger or Nothing, to inspire you to make longer-term, potentially much more profitable investments than you’ve been doing. Please come on this incredible investment journey!

César Borja